Where do I find all the workouts for Technogym Bench?
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The best workouts for your Technogym Bench are available on Technogym App.

Have you just received your Technogym Bench and can’t wait to start working out?

Download Technogym App and boost your functional and strength training experience, using all the accessories that your Technogym Bench is equipped with (you can download Technogym App here).

With Technogym App, in fact, you will have the opportunity to choose the workout that suits you the best in achieving your personal goals.

Among the different options, you will be given the great possibility to be assisted by the Technogym Coach: Technogym App's digital trainer which, supported by the scientific precision of Artificial Intelligence, will assign you a Precision Program tailored to your needs and which adapts to your progress, helping you reach your goals faster.

In fact, during the creation of your Precision Program, you will define your goals with the option of adding your Technogym Bench as your available equipment.

Then, based on your preferences, your Technogym Coach will propose you the perfect combination of two different types of workouts:

  • Routines: demonstration videos in which you are shown how to correctly perform various exercises with your Bench, improving your technique;
  • Sessions: immersive on-demand workout where you will be guided and encouraged to give your best by the energy of our best trainers.

But there is even more!

Remember that you can always train independently, by browsing the entire library available on Technogym App.

You can access it directly from the "Workouts" section and then you can choose the Routine or the Session you prefer, specifying within the filters that you would like to train with your Technogym Bench (for a more detailed overview about all the workouts available on Technogym App, check here).

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