What is the Technogym Coach?
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Technogym Coach is your digital personal trainer: answer its questions and get a Precision Program tailored exclusively to you, adapting to your progress and helping you in reaching your goals faster.

Technogym Coach is your digital personal trainer of Technogym App which, thanks to the scientific accuracy of Artificial Intelligence, will assign you a tailored training program, the Precision Program, exclusively designed according to your personal needs and to your available equipment (find out how to create a Precision Program here).

Your Precision Program is the perfect combination of several types of workouts and it is based on the information you share with the Coach during the initial phase of the creation of the program, in which you can specify:

  • Your goal;
  • Your level;
  • Your workout's frequency;
  • Your workout's duration.

Remember that your training experience will never be static: Technogym Coach is not just a simple Coach, but it is also your greatest companion on your training journey. In fact, it will always adjust your workout experience according to your needs and to your performance.

In addition, it will become your own personal motivator, following you through your training plan, celebrating your successes and encouraging you whenever you miss a workout! 

For example, if you skip some exercises or stop them before the end, your workout may not be considered effective by your Technogym Coach, which will provide you a low Compliance Score (but keep in mind that below 80% compliance, your workout will not be considered completed at all).

Instead, when you skip more than one workout, the Coach will intentionally try to motivate you to catch up with your training schedule!

If, on the other hand, you have increased your performance, you will be given a high Compliance Score and will get different awards in the form of small trophies called Badges! Not bad, right? 

Moreover, to keep your training experience with your Technogym Coach always tracked and under control, within Technogym App there is a specific section dedicated to Technogym Coach which is accessible by tapping the Coach Icon on the lower left side on the main menu.

Within this section you can have a comprehensive view of: 

  • Your daily MOVEs;
  • A weekly overview of your training days;
  • Your assigned daily workout (visible on the days in which you should train);
  • The Wellness Magazine section: in-depth and interesting articles on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • The option to track your outdoor or indoor workouts (go here if you want to find more information);
  • The Feedback section, where you can give any suggestion to improve your training experience.

With your Technogym Coach you can be definitely sure that you will reach all your personal goals because your Coach will always be by your side, at any step of your training journey. 
Are you ready? Let this adventure begin! 

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