What is Technogym App?
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Get superior results faster: at home, at the gym, bodyweight or with equipment, with a personalised plan that adapts to your progress and training on demand.

The Technogym app is an app that helps you reach your fitness, health, and sports goals.

The Technogym app (which you can download here) puts everything you need right at your fingertips when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, improving your sport performance, and staying in good health. Let’s look at all the app offers.

  • The Technogym Coach

The AI-powered Technogym Coach is your personal coach, motivating and encouraging you and recommending workouts, meditations series, and more just when you need it.  

Keep your eye out for in-app messages and make sure to turn on push notifications on your phone to get the most out of the Technogym Coach’s personalized guidance for you.  

  • Personalized training programs

What’s more, the Technogym Coach will create a tailored Precision Program for you any time you have new goals in mind.  

Just tell the Technogym Coach what your goals are, what equipment you have available at home or at the gym, and how much time you want to work out, and you’ll get a tailored Precision Program that you can adjust and edit to fit your training schedule, location, and equipment on hand.

  • On-demand workout library

In addition to your personalized Precision Program, discover an on-demand workout library of 1,000+ workouts – including HIIT, strength training, boxing, yoga, Pilates, and more – with new ones added each week, and choose how you want to train:

Routines: Self-guided workout videos that let you decide your pace and reps

Sessions: Trainer-led workout videos that give you the motivation you need

Classes: Spinning classes with instructors that will keep you going

  • Sport-specific training programs

If you’re a fan of a specific sport – whether it’s golf, sailing, skiing, running, or others – then a Signature Program is for you.

These sports training programs were created by professional coaches to some of the biggest athletes in the world with the goal of helping you improve your performance in your favorite sport. Each training program lasts a set number of weeks and  

  • Workout builder

If you want to decide your own training journey, the Create Your Own Workouts section is where you can create and edit all your strength-training, cardio, and bodyweight workouts.  

  • Workout tracking and equipment login

Log into equipment when you train on Technogym equipment at your club, or track your outdoor walks, hikes, and bike rides. Logging in when you work out on equipment and tracking your outdoor activities makes it easier to track your progress over time, especially with Technogym’s scientifically proved activity metrics – MOVEs and MOVERGY.

  • Guided meditations

Wellbeing includes taking care of your mental health, too. The Technogym App offers a wide variety of guided meditation sessions whether you want to relax and unwind after a long day, sleep better, or simply recover mindfully after a tough workout.

  • Wellness Magazine

This in-app publication is a valuable resource for training, health, nutrition, and mindfulness news and tips and features hundreds of articles across a varied range of topics.

Get all this premium content and more with your Technogym Plus subscription.

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