Train with the Olympic surfer Leonardo Fioravanti's Signature Program
Discover one of the four programs created by the Olympic champions and boost it with your Technogym Bench.

With Technogym App you will have the chance to improve your surfing performance with the program designed directly by Leonardo Fioravanti, fully enhanced by your Technogym Bench. 

After downloading Technogym App (you can do it here):

  1. Go to the "Programs" section;
  2. Select the "Ride the waves" program;
  3. Activate it.


In this way you will officially start your new training experience: an advanced level program consisting of 3 weekly sessions of 40 minutes each, for a total duration of 4 weeks. 
And all of this, boosted by the numerous accessories of your Technogym Bench!

"Ride the waves" program will allow you to focus on three main goals:

  • Balance and core stability: A strong core that is always ready to respond to external stress is the foundation for maintaining good balance on the board;
  • Strength and control: In surfing your position on the board is constantly changing with the waves, so strength training is a must for developing excellent movement control while bearing weight – whether it’s the weight of your body or dumbbells;
  • Endurance strength: The duration of surfing rounds and the constant stimulus of the waves need muscles that can resist fatigue and that are sensitive to quick changes in applying strength.

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