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With Technogym App you will have endless training possibilities: Routines, Sessions, Classes and much more, each of them tailored to your unique workout needs.

Discover the wide variety of workouts available for you on Technogym App and get ready for your personalised training experience, wherever and whenever you want.

Selecting the "Workouts" section located at the bottom of the Technogym App interface you can get access to three different types of workouts: Routines, Sessions and Classes

Are you ready to discover them all? 


Let yourself be guided by Routines: demonstration videos designed to help you in reaching your specific goals, by stimulating determined muscle groups.

You will have the opportunity to choose among "Stretch and Relax", "Abs and Core", "Glutes", "Strong Legs", "Mobility Work", "Shoulders", "Cardio Blast" ... these are just a few of the different available options!

Additionally, in order to find the Routine that suits your training needs the best, you can use the "Filter" function to choose your ideal workout based on your available time, your equipment and your expertise. 

Then, once you've found your perfect Routine and you're ready to give your best, simply select it and you'll be shown an overview which summarizes your total workouts and recovery time, then tap “Start Workout” and you're done! 

Routines are available in Italian, English, Spanish, French and German.
For a best training experience, you will have the option to enable "Audio Feedback" from the "Options" menu, which will notify you when you can go ahead to the next workout.


Train with the energy of the best trainers who show you how to perform the exercises correctly and who motivate you to get the best results, every time. 

Sessions are a unique training experience because they were created as they were television series, with the difference that: the word "Series" refers to a single season, while the episodes of which it is composed are considered as "Sessions".

Specifically, each Series has different objectives, and it is formed by 6 episodes, all of different levels and duration.

Choose between HIIT, strength, stretching, boxing, yoga and much more, with or without equipment to guarantee you an efficient and constantly evolving training experience.

Also in this section you have the "Filter" function through which you will find the perfect Session according to your available time, your equipment and your training level with the possibility to choose even the trainer that motivates you the most. 

Sessions with Cardio Equipment are available in Italian, English and Spanish; while Sessions dedicated to Tools and Bodyweight are in English.


The Classes section offers you the chance to train with the best spinning bikers, for a real training experience marked by the rhythm of the music directly streamed from London and Milan studios.

The enthusiasm and the energy of the trainers will be perfect for an extremely effective and functional workout but also to guarantee you an immersive training experience full of fun!  

Classes are available both in Italian and English.

Thanks to the wide workout section available on Technogym App, you can always get superior results faster; and if you would like an even more dynamic training experience with new premium content every week, then Technogym Plus subscription is the right solution for you! 

Technogym App, the true essence of your extremely personalised training experience.

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