How to place and move MyRun
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Find the guidelines to install your MyRun correctly, using it safely and without risk.

Place of usage

In order to use the product safely and securely, the product must be installed and operated in a space that meets the following requirements:

  • Temperature of between +10°C (50°F) and +25°C (77°F);
  • Sufficient lighting, to make the area a safe and relaxing place to exercise in;
  • 2x1-metre free safety space around the product;
  • A flat, stable and vibration-free surface that is capable of supporting the weight of both the product and the user.


Before using the product, make sure it is levelled. If any of the two feet is not touching the ground, adjusted them by using the wrench supplied as described below:

  • Insert the tool supplied in the relevant hole and gently pry the panel open; 
  • Loosen the locknut; 
  • Screw or unscrew the foot until both feet are touching the ground;
  • After the adjustment, tighten the locknut; 
  • Close the panel.


The product has fixed front wheels. To move it, lift it up slightly from the sides, and push it forwards or backwards. Because of its weight, the product must be handled by more than one person.

Normal lifting and transport methods will be required if the condition of the floor makes it impossible to use the wheels.

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