Outdoors on Technogym Live
Find out all the Technogym Outdoor routes: unique scenarios characterized by wonderful landscapes in which immerse yourself during your workout.

Train anywhere in the world

Within the main interface of your equipment's Technogym Live you can find the section "Outdoors".

In this specific section you are given the possibility to train choosing among true landscapes from all over the world: from breathtaking beaches to the most characteristic and vibrating metropolitan cities!

All the scenarios have been grouped into three main categories to choose from:

  • "Nature" section;
  • Seaside” section;
  • "City" section.

Furthermore, during each training experience you will be able to monitor your performance in real time with the visible parameters of duration and distance displayed on your screen.  

If you are ready for your workout, you just need to choose the perfect Technogym Outdoors:
what's your next destination?

Trail Run Profiles on Technogym Treadmills

Challenge yourself with a selection of trail runs for every level and expertise on specific incline profiles. At the moment these training content are available only on Technogym treadmills with an integrated console.

Currently, these training programs can be accessed exclusively on Technogym treadmills equipped with an integrated console. Wondering how to get started? Simply navigate to the 'Outdoors' section on the Home Page, where you'll find the option for 'Trail Run Profiles.' There, you'll discover an extensive library of outdoor trails characterized by varying lengths and categorized into three main types:

  • Flat: with an average slope of about 1%;
  • Hill: with an average slope between 2% and 4%;
  • Climb: with an average slope between 5% - 8%.

During your running experience, the landscape will automatically adapt in real time to your speed as well as your Technogym treadmill, based on the specific Outdoor you have chosen, will automatically simulate the same incline you would feel on a real-world trail.

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