MyCycling Programs and Coaches
Get the perfect preparation with the cycling programs available on MyCycling app and be guided by the best Technogym certified coaches.

MyCycling App is the unique solution that allows you to maximize your training and unleash a new era of indoor training.

Among the different features, you can improve your performance over the long term or prepare for your next cycling race by activating one of the various available programs with also the possibility of being mentored by an extremely qualified and certified Technogym coaches.

MyCycling App programs 

On the main page of MyCycling you'll find an icon with "Programs" written on it, press on the icon to get access to two different types of view:

  • "Discover": this is a section where you can explore all available cycling programs:

    -Technogym Neuromuscular Training; a training program based on your anaerobic threshold level aimed at improving your metabolic and neuromuscular characteristics and raising your outdoor performance level;
    -Programs suggested by Technogym; that is, types of training that replicate the experience of a Gran Fondo such as the Marathon Des Dolomites or the Nine Hills;
    -Programs suggested by the trainers which are training programs designed by a selected team of world cycling professionals and based on specific objectives. 
  •  "Active": a specific section in which you can have a view an overview of the programs you have active. 

In addition, each program is divided into different phases and with variable durations of several weeks, suited to any time availability and any level.

In order to maximize your performance, remember to try the FTP test so that your workloads can be defined in the best possible way and with extreme precision. Check more out here.

Technogym certified coaches 

All professional cyclists have an athletic trainer who has the fundamental expertise on how to maximize their potential.

That's why in MyCycling App there is a specific section dedicated to coaches, which allows you to choose to train with the best experts in the international cycling community certified by Technogym, for any type of  preparation at any level.

You can access it from the main panel > by selecting the whistle icon.

Once you get in, you will get access to a descriptive page focused on how to activate the cycling consultancy service, with the possibility of reading about the biographies of the different professional coaches.

Choose the coach most suited to your needs, with the possibility of contacting him or her either by telephone or by message, so that together you can create and structure a unique, personalized and tailored cycling program.

A support activity of programming and training analysis, which is fundamental to define your sessions in detail and monitor your results.

The best performance only comes from the best training.
Train according to your state of fitness and your goals: tests, customised programs, routes.
Perform like a pro with MyCycling App.

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