How are my data managed?
Find out how your personal data are managed on Technogym App.

Privacy is a fundamental issue for Technogym and for this reason within Technogym App there is a whole section dedicated to it: your personal area.

In fact, you will always be able to see and manage how Technogym App processes your personal information: your birthdate, your email address, as well as your visibility within the app and the consents on the terms and conditions on personal data processing. 

Check the generic information about your personal profile

In order to check the most generic information about your personal profile, you just need to access the related section by following these steps: 

  1. Access your personal area by pressing the icon at the top right with your photo (or with your initials, if you haven't uploaded an image yet);
  2. Select the item "Profile";

Then you will be shown an overview with your data including your name, surname, weight, height, contact email and phone number (all the data provided during the registration process and which can always be changed).

Information about visibility and terms and conditions

In this section you can access the settings related to your visibility within the app as well as you can check and consult the terms and conditions regarding the management of your personal data. 

Specifically, to access and manage this information:

  1. Press on the item "Profile" from your personal area;
  2. Scroll down till the bottom and select "Profile Settings".

Within this interface you will be able to check:

  • The specific box referring to your Visibility Setting: which consists in the visualization of your nickname and other personal information on Technogym App when you participate, for example, to a Technogym challenge;
  • The document explaining the Terms and Conditions of Technogym App;
  • The document about the Privacy Policy;
  • The panel regarding the permissions to receive personalised Technogym Communication about exclusive services, products and benefits.

Export and delete your data 

In the following interface, you can decide how to manage your data by choosing the option to export or delete them. 

From your personal area, go back again to "Profile" and by scrolling down until you see two different items:

  • Export data: through which you have the possibility to receive your personal data via email at the address connected to your Technogym ID;
  • Delete account: through which you can permanently delete your account and, consequently, all the data you have previously entered.

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