FTP Maximal Tests on MyCycling
Discover the FTP tests available on MyCycling App.

With MyCycling you can maximize your performance with a scientifically proven method, thanks to the possibility of downloading MyCycling App: an app created for all cycling enthusiasts, specifically designed to increase your performance both indoors and outdoors. 

Among the main features of MyCycling App, you can check and calculate your functional threshold power (FTP).

This measurement is fundamental because it represents an estimate of the workload that a cyclist can sustain without an excessive build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. In this way, you can be ensure that you always have full control over your athletic performance.

You can find the FTP tests by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to MyCycling App;
  2. In the Home section, scroll down till you see “your biometrics”;
  3. Press on “Start the test”;
  4. You will then access a screen with three different options:

    -Technogym Maximal Test: a test that assesses your threshold power, characterised by a variable duration, which can be carried out using the heart rate monitor;

    -Functional threshold power test: a test that assesses your FTP in 20 minutes, and does not require a heart rate monitor, even if it is suggested to wear it in order to have all your parameters always monitored;

    -I know my threshold value: in which you can manually enter the watts and cadence of your anaerobic threshold, in case you already know your values. 

(You can also take your tests from “Profile” section > “Tests”).

As it follows, you'll get a more detailed overview of the two available tests,  in order to  determine your FTP threshold so that you can automatically have workouts with the right intensity for you.

Maximal Test

Technogym Maximal Test consists of two distinct phases with a variable duration, depending on your cycling performance:

  • The first phase: consists of the 5-minute warm-up phase. In this first phase, the load adapts to your heart rate, and you'll be asked to maintain a cadence higher than 80 RPM per minute;
  • The second phase: is of a variable duration, as the new steps you are offered are always 1 minute long with a constant increase in load until you reach your maximum sustainable load. Again, you will be asked to maintain a constant cadence higher than 85 RPM in your preferred gear.

Functional Threshold Power Test

The modality of this test, on the other hand, is well defined because it has a total duration of 20 minutes, and it is also divided into two distinct phases:

  • The first phase: of 16 minutes, in which you are asked to choose a ratio and cadence that allows you to maintain a medium-high intensity;
  • The second phase: of 4 minutes, in which you should select a gear and a cadence that will allow you to deliver 100% of your power for the total duration of the final phase of the test.
    (Please note that you will not be required to use a heart rate monitor for this test).

To maximise your performance and avoid possible injury, it is advisable to do a 10 minute warm-up before starting the test, and a 10 minute warm-down at the end of the workout.

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