Explore Activity Section within Technogym App
With Technogym App you can monitor your activities and lifestyle.

The Activity section of Technogym App allows you to keep track of your progress and all the activities you've performed during your workout experience.

Within it, you can find all kinds of information related to your profile as an athlete, including all the goals you've achieved and your biometric parameters. 

Specifically, you will be able to view:

  • Your Movergy level, a counter representing all the MOVEs you have collected over the last 14 day (find more about MOVEs and Movergy by going here);
  • The Activity stats, an area where you can view all the metrics related to your activities, represented by illustrative charts featuring the MOVEs count;
  • The Last Activity, an essential area of the app where you can view an history of all the activities performed since your registration;
  • The Badges panel, composed by the trophies you've earned along your training experience with Technogym App (find more information about badges by going here);
  • Your Wellness Passport, a dedicated page in app for registering your biometric parameters
    (discover more about Wellness Passport here).

Activity Stats

This area of Technogym App includes several MOVEs graphs, tools extremely useful that you can use to see the general trend you have performed during your training sessions.

The chart accessible from the Activity section represents the MOVEs you've collected in your last 14 days. If you wish to go more deep into details, just press on the “see more” button: you'll be redirected into a new screen with another graph, which will inform you about all the MOVEs you've gained compared to the current month or week.

These will be distinguished according to the days of the week: the more MOVEs you have earned during a specific day, the more the bar on the chart referred to that day will tend to rise. 

If a bar has a small trophy at the top this means that you earned the Moves weekly record on that day. Well done! Bars which own a tick-shaped symbol instead, will inform you about the success of your daily goal (in terms of MOVEs to be achieved).

Below the chart, you can find further information about additional parameters.

You will see:

  • An indication about the total and the average MOVEs you gained during the current week/month (along the parameters of the previous week);
  • The amount of calories burned;
  • The kilometers you did (if you run or went cycling).

Please note that by swiping on the chart with your finger, you will also be able to see the data related to the Moves of the previous weeks / months. All parameters will change automatically to give you a 100% effective and accurate overview!

Last Activity

The Activity section also features the area "Last Activity", where you can find a general overview of every workout you've done with Technogym App (including the number of steps you take during each day, identifiable by the voice "Lifestyle").

Last Activity section is divided into two distinct panels.

  • The first one in the top, consists of a sliding box in which you can see the months with the corresponding days of the week. By clicking on the small arrow next to the year, you can expand the panel to see all the days within the month, like a real calendar (even in this case you can swipe with your finger).
  • The second panel instead concerns the history of all your activities. To consult it effectively and view the various days in chronological order, you can simply scroll down or up.

Proceeding along the dates, you can view the many workouts distinguished by title, type, duration and Moves. Pressing on a workout, you will open the interface related to it, in which there is an overview of the many statistics with a box dedicated to the heart rate monitor.

In particular, for workouts divided into Routines, or for those inherent to the Coach's Session, you can also view the level of compliance that you kept during the workout (i.e. if you have done everything to the end or you have stopped before).

In addition, always referring to these types of exercises, you also have another box available, which is marked with the heading "Exercises".

Entering it, you'll be able to find:

  • With the Routines: the series of each exercise you have done;
  • With the Coach's Session: the various training blocks within the Session.

Everything clear? So don't waste anymore time! Go ahead and start monitoring your performance with the Activity page!

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