Enhance your trainings with Kinesis
Unleash the true potential of Kinesis and discover all its endless training possibilities.

It’s time to train!

Let’s discover all the different training possibilities which make Kinesis a complete functional gym for your home.

Thanks to Kinesis, in fact, you will be able to perform hundreds of exercises to challenge your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance and to train every muscle group of your body with one single piece of equipment, giving you a complete and unique training experience.

Downloading Technogym App, you’ll be guided by the Technogym Coach, trainers and athletes in the discovery of Kinesis and its potential, making you able to reach your own fitness goals in the best and fastest way possible.

Let yourself be guided by Routines, Technogym App demonstration videos designed to help you in reaching your specific goals, by stimulating determined muscle groups.

Choose among "Stretch and Relax", "Abs and Core", "Glutes", "Strong Legs” and many more!

To easily find Routines with Kinesis that suits your training needs the best, you can use the "Filter" function in the upper area of the Workout section, to choose your ideal workout based on your available time, your equipment, your goal and your level.

Or, if you prefer to have more guidance and entertainment, you can try the Technogym Sessions!

Train with the energy of  our best Trainers, who’ll show you how to perform the exercises correctly and motivate you to give all you’ve got to reach your goal! 

Choose between HIIT, strength, stretching, boxing, yoga, pilates and much more, with or without equipment to guarantee you an efficient and constantly evolving training experience.

To find Sessions with Kinesis, you can simply use the "Filters'' to find the one which best suits your preference and needs. You can choose based on your available time, your equipment, your goals, your training level and even the Trainer who motivates you the most.

Want to reach a specific goal with a program designed for you? Set up a Precision Program and follow the Technogym Coach through a training journey aimed to make you reach your own goal, choosing from Lose Weight, Tone Your Body, More Strength, Stay Young and Start Moving.

Technogym Coach, your AI digital personal trainer, will create a Program based on your needs, your training level, your preference between Routines and Sessions and your available time.

During the assessment of your Precision Program, your Technogym Coach will also ask you to specify your equipment so that it can include it in your Precision Program and give you the best training experience with Kinesis. (Find out how to create a Precision Program here).

Kinesis is also the perfect equipment to use in order to improve your Golf swing! Try the Signature Program designed by Massimo Messina which you can find in the Workout section of the Technogym App. (Find more info in this article)

Now that you know everything you need about your endless training possibilities, you’re finally ready to start your journey with Kinesis and reach the goal you’ve always been meant to achieve.

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