Do It Yourself Section on the Technogym App
Create your own workouts, log in to equipment, and track your outdoor activities, all from the Coach screen on the Technogym App.

The Do It Yourself section on the Coach screen on the Technogym App is where you can create, save, edit, and redo all your workouts, circuits, and supersets; log in to Technogym equipment using the QR code scanner; and track your outdoor activities.


Read on to learn more about all three sections.

1. Create your own workouts

If you enjoy working out by yourself and deciding your own training journey, the Create Your Own Workouts section is where you can save, edit, and redo all your workouts, whether you’re focusing on weightlifting, cardio, or bodyweight exercises. Do your workouts as often as you want as well as edit and rename them.

Creating a workout

  • Tap "Create Your Own Workouts"
  • Select "+"
  • Name your workout  
  • Tap "+" in the upper right-hand corner to add exercises from the search bar, by searching for equipment, or by tapping on a muscle group

1. Name your workout; 2. Search for and select exercises; 3. Save your workout

Choosing exercises based on location

If you're a member of a club, when you start creating your workout, you can choose your your setup to make it easier to search for and add exercises. Select your facility's setup to choose from exercises using Technogym equipment available at your club, or select "Standard Setup" to choose from exercises using a variety of Technogym equipment.

2. Log in to equipment 

When working out on equipment at home or at your facility, use the Log In To Equipment section to scan the QR code on the equipment to log in as you’re working out so you can view your exercise stats and results when you finish. Read this article to learn morel

3. Take your training outdoors  

If you enjoy walking, hiking, biking, and running in the great outdoors, go to the Train Outdoors section when you start your workout to track your activities and view your results.

4. Track your strength training results

You can also view your strength results, progress, and trends over time from the Create Your Own Workouts section. Read this article to learn more.  

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