Discover the Equipment Setup and the Gym Setup features
Group your equipment according to the different locations where you usually workout.

When you create your Precision Program with the aid of Technogym Coach, the Equipment Setup feature allows you to create customized sets for your equipment depending on where you are. 

If, for example, you like doing cardio at home with your MyRun, while on vacation your prefer to focus more on strength training using dumbbells, Equipment Setup gives you the amazing opportunity to create 2, or even more, equipment sets where you can add different equipment.

Equipment Setup also features Gym Setup, a special section for training with your favorite equipment in the gym.

Your Precision Program will adapt every time to the Equipment Setup you prefer, to guarantee you an immersive and highly customized training experience.

You can access this feature in three different ways:

  • By going to your Personal Area > Your Equipment. Here you can add, edit or delete all your Equipment Setups (to access your personal area, press the button at the top right of Technogym App with your photo or initials);

  • From your daily workout, by choosing the Equipment Setup you want to use for your training, including Gym Setup. From this area you also have the opportunity to create a new set (if you want to know more details on how to modify your Precision Program, you can go here);

  • When creating your Precision Program.

    You can create your Precision Program from the main Coach section and then follow the assessment steps.
    Among the questions the Coach is going to ask you in order to better tailor your program, you will also be asked "What equipment do you want to use?".

    Following this question, you will be presented with 3 panels, each representing a specific category:

    -Home: ideal for trainings to be conducted in your home (if you are a Technogym user from before version 3.6.0, inside Home you will find all the equipment that you had included in your Precision Program);

    -Gym Setup: designed to make your gym workouts even more effective, Gym Setup will include:
    - 7 machines for strength: Abdominal Crunch, Chest Press, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Leg Press, Lower Back, Vertical Traction;
    - 3 machines for cardio: Synchro Excite, Bike Excite, Run Excite.

    -No equipment: dedicated to bodyweight workouts.

In addition, by pressing on the item at the bottom "Create Equipment Setup", you will be able to create your own category, where you can add any equipment you want. 

Please take note that the Equipment Setup and Gym Setup functions are only available for the Fitness Program, therefore in case you have activated a different Precision Program, you can unleash the true potential of this new training function by activating a new Fitness Program.

To end your current Precision Program go to > Technogym Coach's home page > "Edit" button next to your weekly training schedule >  scroll down until you read “End Program”. 
Then you can create you Fitness Precision Program taking the new training program assessment from the main Coach Page.

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