Discover Challenges on Technogym App
Discover the monthly Challenges available on Technogym App: take on your friends and other users from all over the world and improve your performance.

Technogym App is the key to access your Wellness Community: a world where you can challenge your friends and other users from other countries, and always reach new goals. The "Challenge the Community" competitions are designed just for this... Let's see who will be the best!

What's more, every athlete knows that their greatest daily and personal goal is to overcome their limits, and with "Challenge yourself” type of competitions, you can finally increase your performance at any time. Because, deep down, you know you can always do better!

Challenges are the perfect expression of that constant desire to always get better, both within your community or during your individual training journey. 

Here's how to find out what your next challenge is:

  1. Open Technogym App;
  2. From the homepage at the bottom, identify "Challenges" section;
  3. Tap it and check out all the challenges available.

You will find both the "Challenge the Community" and the "Challenge yourself" competitions grouped by: 

  • Ongoing Challenges: currently active challenges . By swiping to the right, you will be able to see the available ones: tap on the white button "Join" to sign up directly;

  • Upcoming Challenges, scheduled for the following month. By swiping to the right, you can select the one you like the best and then by tapping "Join" you will sign up (Keep in mind that every month new challenges are released for you to participate in);

  • The Completed ones represent the category of Challenges that you have already accomplished. In this case, you can swipe to the right to check the most recent ones. Instead, by tapping on  "see more",  you will access your overall list of the completed challenges with the most recent ones positioned at the top.

Please note that in order to participate to any Challenge you should have a public profile.
If your profile is set to private mode, when you tap on "Join", you will be asked to turn your profile public and to share it with the other users of the Technogym App.

(You can check your current visibility settings: from your personal profile section > profile > profile preferences).

The rules of the game

Choose the Challenge you like to discover the rules and find out more about:

  • The start and end date;
  • How to win the challenge (if it is Challenge the Community one);
  • The rules (select "see more" to know more about how to track your progress);
  • An overview about the theme of the challenge;
  • The achievements you can reach are based on the type of challenge you have chosen, in order to be given a reward (your Badges).

    -With the "Challenge Yourself" competitions you can achieve one of three levels: Hero, Pro and Rookie;
    -Instead, for the "Challenge the Community" competitions there will be: Ranked 1, Ranked 2, Ranked 3; or the possibility of obtaining a Badge when reaching a specific objective.

Then, at the bottom of the screen you can always press "Join" if you haven't done it yet.

And, once you've signed up, all you have to do is to involve another user by pressing the "Invite a friend" button, just to make the challenge a bit more...intense! 

Keep an eye on the ranking

In both types of competitions, “Challenge the Community” or “Challenge yourself”, in which you are currently participating, you'll see a "Leaderboard" box on its specific information interface.

Tap on it, and you will see your exact position in the ranking in real time, as well as the other users closest to you, competing in the same challenge.

In this way you will always have control of the situation, at any time.

Finally, once you have completed a challenge, according to your overall performance throughout the period and considering the type of challenge you have chosen, you will be rewarded with different Badges, your personal trophies. 

Share them with your friends or via social media by tapping on "Share results"! 

But, what if you want to check which Badges you have collected so far, not only for the Challenges but also during your training journey with Technogym App?

Go to:

  1. "Activity" page in the main panel;
  2. Scroll down until you see the "Badges" tab;
  3. Tap on "see more";
  4. You will access a more detailed screen about all your Badges (finding at the bottom of the interface, the specific section for the Badges obtained in the Challenges).

In fact, remember that Badges can be obtained thanks to the many activities available on Technogym App (A little bit curious? For a more detailed view check here).

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