Connecting Apple Watch with Technogym App
Find out the proper way to connect your Apple Watch to Technogym App.

Syncing your Apple Watch with Technogym App is a very simple and intuitive process.

All you have to do is to follow these few simple steps:

  • Download the latest version of Technogym App (you can find the download here) and identify the app available for your Apple Watch (the app is compatible with WatchOS 6.2 and Watch Series 1 with their latest versions);

  • If you can't find Technogym App on the Home screen of your watch, you can install it using two different methods:
    - Either you download it through the App Store directly integrated with your Apple Watch;
    - Or you download it from the iPhone paired with your Apple Watch. You can do this by making access into the "Watch" app and from its main interface, swipe down until you reach the "Available Apps" section. The apps you can install are all displayed in this section.
  • After installing Technogym App by following one of these two methods, the Apple ecosystem will make sure that the synchronization between the app and the watch will happen automatically.

In fact, by starting any workout from the Technogym App, your heart rate will be activated on your Apple Watch and monitoring will begin automatically. 

In addition, by changing the Apple Watch screen by swiping with your finger, you will have the ability to pause your workout, resume it or even end it.

All of this at the simple reach of your wrist.

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