Check the equipment associated to your personal profile
Technogym App allows you to associate your available equipment directly to your user profile!

With Technogym App you can always check and modify the equipment you have at your disposal.

In order to do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access Technogym App (you can download Technogym App by going here);
  2. Head to the section reserved to your Personal Area. To do this, press the button at the top right with your picture (or your initials, if you have not uploaded any image);
  3. Inside your Personal Area, go to "Your equipment”.

Within Your equipment, there is a general overview about all the Technogym equipment you have. 

If you wish to add new equipment to your profile, here are some guidelines to help you out:

  1. Press the yellow button "Create Equipment Setup” or choose one of the other setup to edit.
  2. In this new page you can edit the setup name just tapping on the name and typing the new one. Click on the "+" icon to add other equipment;
  3. You will be taken into a page that will include all the equipment belonging to the Technogym World;
  4. Select the panel related to the category of the equipment you want to add (for example, MyRun can be found inside the box "Tread");
  5. After choosing your equipment, press the yellow voice "Done" at the top right corner and save it selecting the white button "Confirm".

Keep in mind that you have the option to select multiple equipment at the same time, including the ones from other categories.

Great, now you should have added all the equipment you need.

These ones will automatically be also inserted into your Precision Program, in case you have created one in which the equipment is relevant to the goal set in your program (if you want to know how to create your Precision Program, click here!).

Please note that if you have activated a Fitness Program, you can find the various equipment in the section related to your daily session.

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