Check Program details
Learn how to check the details of your active program on Technogym App.

Whether you have activated a Precision Program or a Signature Program, the program’s details will always be accessible by following these simple steps: 

  1. Access the Coach section;
  2. Select the white pencil icon located on the top right;
  3. Scroll down till the bottom of the page and select "See program details".

Then you will be shown the same view with all the specific details of your program, displaying the same information you have seen during the activation phase. 

For example, you can check again the chapters in which your program is structured, the training level, the duration of your training session as well as the total weeks of your training experience.

Activation phase 

Please note that already in the first phase of the activation of your favourite program, you will be presented with an overview of all details of your training experience. 

More specifically, once you've completed the process of creating your Precision Program, Technogym Coach will show you the unique features of the training program created exclusively for you, based on your extremely personalised specifications.

Regarding the Signature Programs, instead, you can immediately see the program’s overview even before its activation; in this way you can choose which program suits your sporting needs the best.

Having all the details of your active program always at hand on your Technogym App, allows you to keep under control the information you need to motivate you and to give your best in achieving your goals. Everyday.

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