Bluetooth connections to your tablet
Synchronize your headphones and the most common training monitoring platforms on the market to your Technogym equipment.

Technogym Live App gives you the unique opportunity to sync your headphones and some of the most widely used HR monitoring platforms to your Technogym equipment.


If you want to use your headphones during a workout, you can connect them via Bluetooth by following these simple steps:

  1. Access to your tablet's settings;
  2. Turn the Bluetooth On;
  3. Identify the name of your headphones and select it.

Your headphones are now perfectly synced with your tablet.

Get ready to train to the beat of your favorite music!

Heart Rate Monitor

Before working out, you also have the possibility to connect your heart rate monitor, such as Garmin and Fitbit, to your tablet, thus keeping track of your parameters for your entire workout.

You can do this by following the instructions below:

  1. Access to your tablet's settings;
  2. Turn the Bluetooth On;
  3. Access to Technogym Live App (press here to download the iOS version, or here for the Android version);
  4. Locate and press the heart-shaped icon on the top right of your interface;
  5. Identify the name of your device and select it.

If you followed this procedure correctly, your device should now be perfectly synchronized.

Please, make sure to connect your HR monitor only from the Technogym Live App, and not from the Bluetooth settings of your iOS device. 

In doing so, you will ensure data will be loaded directly into your Live App, allowing you a perfect synchronization (the process may take a few seconds).

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